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On a Personal Note

I am a Spaniard by birth, a daughter, sister, friend, divorcee, wife again, mother, artist, writer, singer, musician, horsewoman, health coach, server, and an educational assistant for the ESL department at a local Elementary school.

I grew up in a Catholic home with the “knowledge” of God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and every saint imaginable. I was baptized as a baby and had my first communion at 8 years of age in the Provincial town of Alcala de Guadaira, Seville, Spain. It was just a few years later that my family would make the excruciating, but exciting move to the US.

After a bout with religion, a failed marriage, and a harsh, mildly successful career in the music industry, I surrendered my life to Christ and was baptized again. After much counsel and mentor-ship, I committed my life to follow Him. Still, not fully understanding what all this meant, I started really getting into the word and studying it diligently, which, by the way, I was strongly discouraged to do as a child and young adult. I found that God did not send His Son to establish religion, but to establish a relationship with us. We no longer have to be in the dark, or walk alone because of His sacrifice at the cross.

“Whoever follows me will NEVER walk in darkness. John 8:12

Be strong and courageous. “Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you: He will never leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Today I walk in the fullness of who He is and whose I am. I am His! He paid for me, the good, the bad and the ugly, yesterday, today and tomorrow. What great love, what a humbling thought. Everything I could ever need He purchased for me at the cross.

It is my mission to receive and appropriate everything He’s given me to be a vessel of His love and be a blessing to others. I will speak and sing of His love forever and share the “too good to be true” news of salvation.

I am happily married to a man of God, a musician and producer, with a smile that can melt the Polar Caps. We have an amazing son we are training up, and live modestly in the suburbs of Music City.

So, with that said, everything I have I will use for Him. Through Grace, by Faith, of all the things I am, the first and foremost is, “Christ Follower.”

My Story? It is still being written.

Lovingly in Christ,

Tecia McKenna

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