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When She Rides

The key to holding on, is letting go! 

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About Tecia McKenna

A Musical Journey

Tecia McKenna, born in southern Spain to an Air Force American father and a Spanish mother, has always been musically gifted. Since she was very young, she's loved entertaining. "She was always singing, performing and playing a variety of instruments, mostly to entertain visiting family and our guests!" her mother shared with a smile. However, it wasn’t until after she finished high school in Northern Virginia, that she became interested in pursuing a career in the music business.


Throughout the course of her musical career, she's had the support of her family and dedicated fans from all walks of life as she's performed across the vastness of the US and Europe sharing her music. Tecia has entertained folks in every style of venue imaginable.  She is as comfortable in a coffee shop or an auditorium as she is on a flatbed at the Rodeo. She enjoys the intimacy of an acoustic set and will rock it out in concert.

After a sabbatical from the road to raise her family, she is eager to get back to making music. Make no mistake, she has continued writing, performing and recording.

"I feel truly blessed to be able to do this. Music is very much a part of who I am, I can't imagine not being able to express my heart through music."  

~Tecia McKenna~

Feel free to visit often, to ride along on this journey and to learn more about this faith filled, passionate singer songwriter, and entertainer. Thank you for checking in!

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